Storage Santori collection

Storage Santori collection


Do you prefer a classic swing wardrobe? It can be stylish and not inferior in capacity to the sliding-door models. This product has four hinged doors on strong hinges and an open elegant shelving with triangular shelves between the first and second sections. The second and third sections form a spacious clothing compartment with a rack and local lighting.

Furniture materials

  • Doors are from the Santori collection in the Cashmere decor.
  • Open section is in the Orion decor.
  • Inside the wardrobe, there is a clothes rack and local lighting.
  • The doors of the cabinet open with the help of the P2O system (push-to-open).

White, gray, brown, and black colors are suitable for classic designs. If you want the look and feel of Provence, choose the delicate pastel shades of pink, green, and blue. For the country style, it is better to choose the natural shades of wood, from light beige to brown, that can be supplemented with blue, red, or orange.