Office Hoffice-Dawson collection

Office Hoffice-Dawson collection


Sometimes a wall-mounted cabinet is not just a cabinet, but a full-fledged desktop where you can use your laptop. The composition includes a storage system mounted on the wall and does not occupy the apartment's usable area at all. For the ease of use, a USB socket is built into the case. A colorful design makes it appropriate for a children's room.

Furniture materials

  • Body and front elements are made of laminated board in the Poppies, Acacia and Taupe decors.
  • The location of the boxes, their color and size can be changed together with the designer according to your wishes.

White, gray, brown, and black colors are suitable for classic designs. If you want the look and feel of Provence, choose the delicate pastel shades of pink, green, and blue. For the country style, it is better to choose the natural shades of wood, from light beige to brown, that can be supplemented with blue, red, or orange.