Living room Getty collection
Эмаль Графит

Living room Getty collection


A small composition for a living room in the neoclassical style сonsists of several elements:
  1. a wall-mounted module with doors, one of which is made of glass, equipped with lighting
  2. a wall-mounted shelf for books and souvenirs
  3. a wall-mounted TV stand
  4. a floor-mounted stand with three drawers

Furniture materials

  • Forum-type fronts are painted with enamel.
  • Body: laminated chipboard in the Monsoon decor.
  • The outer side panels of the body are painted with enamel in the color of the fronts.
  • Wall-mounted shelves in the Carini Tobacco Walnut decor.
  • Duomo glass in the showcase fronts.
  • Showcase lighting.
  • Barra handles.

White, gray, brown, and black colors are suitable for classic designs. If you want the look and feel of Provence, choose the delicate pastel shades of pink, green, and blue. For the country style, it is better to choose the natural shades of wood, from light beige to brown, that can be supplemented with blue, red, or orange.