Living room Domus collection
RAL 9003
Oak Halifax

Living room Domus collection


An L-shaped furniture set for the living room forms a complex composition of several elements. A white TV stand and a wall-mounted shelf built into the niches are placed along one wall, while a built-in wardrobe with a niche bar stands along the other.

Furniture materials

  • The body is made of laminated board in the Cashmere decor. The enameled Code-type fronts with vertical milling are painted with colors chosen from the RAL palette.
  • The built-in wardrobes occupying almost two walls are made of laminated board in the Halifax Oak decor from the FEELWOOD range (the texture perfectly imitates the surface of natural wood) and is equipped with a P2O opening system (push-to-open).
  • Open modules are designed with the Kadro-type metal racks and Citywood Black boards


White, gray, brown, and black colors are suitable for classic designs. If you want the look and feel of Provence, choose the delicate pastel shades of pink, green, and blue. For the country style, it is better to choose the natural shades of wood, from light beige to brown, that can be supplemented with blue, red, or orange.