Сетчатые гардеробные

Сетчатые гардеробные Сетчатые гардеробные представляют собой комбинации стеллажей из металлических материалов, корзин, полок и других элементов. Они встречаются нечасто и подходят в основном для небольших помещений, в которых главное — экономия пространства. Такие гардеробные системы на заказ функциональны, надёжны и очень вместительны. 
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Closet Seagram collection
Oak Halifax
Closet Seagram collection
A walk-in closet that consists of a cabinet, some shelving units, and a table. Vertical LED lighting is impressive and functional.
An excellent, spectacular, spacious walk-in closet will become a real decoration of your house or apartment! Its graceful lines and decorative panels, combined with warm glow vertical lighting, create an oasis of elegance and comfort that is both cozy and incredibly stylish. The carefully thought out contents meet all the requirements that a discerning client can present to a storage system for their favorite clothes and expensive accessories. Furniture materials and designs The body elements are made of laminated chipboard in the Graphite and Halifax Oak decors. The shelving unit
Closet Urban collection
Дуб Винченца серый
Closet Urban collection
A walk-in closet with sliding French doors of the Urban system will organically fit into contemporary styles of your home, be it loft, hi-tech, or Scandinavian.
A walk-in closet is not just a way to organize the storage of things for the whole family, but also an opportunity to make your home truly comfortable. The thoughtful layout of shelves, high-quality durable materials, and contemporary design will appeal to those who appreciate comfort. Advantages of a walk-in with transparent doors The sliding French doors of the Urban system will organically fit into any contemporary style of interior decoration, be it loft, hi-tech, or Scandinavian. At the same time, the dark frames and glass inserts will not look heavy: on the contrary, they see