Гардеробные в нише

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Closet Visio-V collection
Династия Коньяк
Closet Visio-V collection
A sliding-door compartment wardrobe, built into the wall niche and equiped with transparent glass doors. The body material credibly imitates the surface of wood.
This is a spectacular design, built into the wall niche, with sliding doors made of transparent glass. The carefully thought-out design looks both austere and elegant. Its lightness is emphasized by the transparent glass doors that separate the storage system from the main room, but do not hide it. An individual approach to the creation of any model of furniture by Mr.Doors enables you to fit the made-to-measure design into any suitable space. Furniture materials and designs The wardrobe is constructed using body elements made of laminated chipboards in the Monsoon decor and aluminum Kadro
Closet Urban collection
Ситивуд Черный
Closet Urban collection
A minimalistic and spacious closet in the Urban style. The style of the furniture is emphasized by LED lighting. The doors are enclosed in an aluminum two-piece frame.
A walk-in closet executed in a pointedly industrial style will be an excellent solution for an interior with an urban or loft design. The combination of the shades of steel grey, black, and graphite with hard lines and right angles will perfectly emphasize the originality and expressiveness of these current styles. At the same time, the system is functionally equipped with everything necessary and is ergonomic and easy to use. All you have to do is choose its location –– thanks to the versatile design, it will look great in any room decorated in a suitable style. Furniture materials
Closet Urban collection
Дуб Винченца серый
Closet Urban collection
A walk-in closet with sliding French doors of the Urban system will organically fit into contemporary styles of your home, be it loft, hi-tech, or Scandinavian.
A walk-in closet is not just a way to organize the storage of things for the whole family, but also an opportunity to make your home truly comfortable. The thoughtful layout of shelves, high-quality durable materials, and contemporary design will appeal to those who appreciate comfort. Advantages of a walk-in with transparent doors The sliding French doors of the Urban system will organically fit into any contemporary style of interior decoration, be it loft, hi-tech, or Scandinavian. At the same time, the dark frames and glass inserts will not look heavy: on the contrary, they see